Terms of Use

Welcome to TheSocial

TheSocial - the service that enables users to collect and discover web content through our website located at del.icio.us and by using related applications and the Delicious bookmarklet extension for your internet browser. For simplicity, we'll refer to any or all of this as the "Service". When you access or use the Service, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions ("Terms") and acknowledge that they are a binding legal agreement between you and TheSocial Media. By accessing or using the Service on behalf of an organization, like a company, you are also agreeing to these Terms on behalf of that organization and saying that you are authorized to do that on behalf of your organization.

The Service is intended solely for persons who are 13 or older. If you are not 13 or older, do not use the Service. If you use or access the Service you are telling us that you are 13 or older. You may use the Service only as allowed by these Terms and all applicable laws. If something you want to do on the Service violates the Terms or the law, don't do it.

We'll use the term, "User Content" to mean anything and everything a user adds to the Service. The most common thing users will add are links they save, information about those links like tags or titles, and notes they add to those links. This information may be publicly available depending on the user's privacy selections. See the Delicious Privacy Policy for more details.

Your User Content is yours and User Content added by others is theirs. By adding something to the Service you are not giving Delicious Media or anyone else ownership of that User Content.

When you put User Content on the Service, you do give us (and our service providers, partners and other users) free and unlimited rights to use your User Content as part of the Service including as the Service may evolve in the future. This means we can use, including copying, modifying etc. what you put on the Service as part of running the Service worldwide and including things like enabling it on different devices and platforms. For example, this license allows us to make your public links and related information available to others as part of their use of the Service. This also means that other users of the Service can use your publicly available content as part of their use of the Service.