Snoop Dogg Says Team USA Women Are Really Underpaid – Video

The prize for the 2018 Men’s World Cup stood at $400 million (£319m), while female players will receive $30 million (£24m) this year. Fresh from his beef with Paul Gascoigne, Snoop Dogg has turned his attention to the US women’s football team.

But there’s no beef this time. . Instead, the US rapper has called for the World Cup champions to be paid the same as their male counterparts.

Sharing a video on Instagram, Snoop demands the women’s team are “paid what they worth” because “Snoop Dogg says so”. “Food for thought,” he begins. “Shout out to the US women’s soccer team for their fourth World Cup. They only get $90K (£72K) per player, but the men, if they win it, they get $500K (£399K) per player.

Man, pay them ladies, manPay them girls what they worth. “The women should be getting $500K per athlete. Snoop Dogg says so. Them girls have won four World Cups, and £90K? Man, please. Pay them $500K per player – Snoop Dogg says so. He concludes: “USA soccer let’s go girls.” The Drop It Like It’s Hot star’s comments come fresh off the back of the US Women’s National Team’s stunning 2-0 victory against the Netherlands at Sunday’s World Cup final.

Following their victory, Molly Levinson, spokeswoman for the USWNT players in their equal pay law suit, told CNN: “At this moment of pride for America, the sad equation remains all too clear, and Americans won’t stand for it anymore.

These athletes generate more revenue and garner higher TV ratings but get paid less simply because they are women.

“It is time for the Federation to correct this disparity once and for all.” During the celebrations following their win, the crowd at the stadium in Lyon chanted “equal pay” in support of the women’s effortsAhead of the final, Megan Rapinoe, who scored one of two goals in the final, slammed FIFA during a news conference on Saturday. The prize for the 2018 men’s World Cup stood at $400 million (£319m), while female players will receive $30 million (£24m) this year.

FIFA President Gianni Infantino said the organisation will double it for the next women’s World Cup in 2023, but Rapinoe said there still would be a long way to go.

“It certainly is not fair,” she said. “We should double it now and use that number to double it or quadruple it for the next time.”

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