Seven Close Friends Buy A Mansion For £460k So They Can Live Together And Grow Old – Video

It started as a joke in 2008 among seven best friends: They said they’d all grow old together in a dream house in China when they retire. But the fantasy became a reality last year when the gals stumbled upon a property in the suburbs of Guangzhou, south-eastern Guangdong province and decided to renovate it into their retirement home.

Following a four million yuan refurbishment, their three-storey mansion is now completed with floor-to-ceiling glass windows, a massive open kitchen and a swimming pool. .

The 7,535-square-foot house, located in a quaint village roughly 70 kilometres (43 miles) away from Guangzhou’s city centre, has a large communal space on the ground floor and seven rooms for each of the ladies on the floors above, according to Yitiao in a report.


‘At first it was just a joke,’ one of the friends named Jin Du told Yitiao. ‘We said we would get together when we were 60 and live the retired life together.’ The seven women met 20 years ago at work and have been best friends ever since, Ms Jin said, adding that they are all now in their 30s.

Surrounded by paddy fields, the spacious mansion boasts huge tatami mats for gatherings, a long dining table for group meals and furniture they’ve collected from India and Morocco

The friends, who are all tea lovers, decided to build the pavilion in the middle of the field, which connects to their mansion via a bamboo walkway‘We’ll cook, have barbecues in the fields, sing and collect food form the village,’ Ms Jin said.

They’ve made a pact to each master a skill that would be useful to their lives in retirement, such as cooking, traditional Chinese medicine, growing vegetables and playing music

‘We’re all independent individuals but we can communicate and rely on each other at the same time,’ Ms Jin said. ‘Ten years later our children would have all grown up,’ she added. ‘So we hope we can be together again in 10 years.’

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