Best Surfing Spots In Florida

The places with great selections of waves that you can only find in Florida.

When most surfers think of places with good surf; Hawaii, California, Indonesia, Central America, and Australia, among others, probably come to mind. What many don’t know is that Florida has some of the most consistent surf out there. A combination of consistent waves, comfortable water temperatures, and easy beach access all add to the allure. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned vet, grab your board and check out our picks for the best places to rip in Florida.

Here are some of the great surf spots in Florida.

Jacksonville Beach

Jacksonville is the perfect place to try surfing. Take a lesson on a longboard or watch the locals catch waves at Jacksonville Beach Pier. Jacksonville beaches offer prime surf all year-long. The winter months bring the biggest surf, and summers are ideal for beginners to test out their skills. Our long stretches of sandy beaches also allow for plenty of space for new surfers to find their footing makes the Jacksonville one of the best surf spot in Florida.

Flagler Beach

The surf is best in Flagler Beach during winters. Flagler Board Shop offers lessons with their experienced surfers. When you are in a good mood to surf and find the waves are not good to surf, that will really be a reason to spoil the mood. So, why you don't get an update of Flagler beach anytime on live Flagler beach Cam and surf report.

Sebastian Inlet

This is the spot where 11 time World Champ, Kelly Slater, grew up learning the ins and outs of the sport. The waves here are more than good; surfers here are known to do roundhouse, wrap-around, cutbacks and airs. 

If you want to visit First Peak, make sure you go early because the locals love this place, and there will be many of them.

Reef Road

Probably, Reef Road is also on the list of best surfing spot in Florida. Reef Road has a reputation for the largest waves, long barrels, and crystal waters.