Best surfing spots in California - Top 5 Beaches

California, where surf kings and queens still go in search of the best breaks and beaches.

Surfing has a long history and California helped the sport get noticed through movies, music, TV shows, and the surf culture which began in the early 1900s. Surfing is big in California, to say the least. It’s a way of life for many and a spectator sport for others. California tops the list in the nation for surfing and can accommodate surfers at all stages —beginners, intermediate and advanced. 

If you are looking to shred some waves then check out a list of best surf destinations below.

Malibu Beach 

Malibu Beach is the ultimate surf spot. The beaches are amazing, offering several perfect surf breaks that range for all skill levels. You find waves usually between two and four feet which is great to surf for the beginner unless there’s a storm bringing. So, before hitting Malibu beach get Malibu live beach surf report to select the best surf spot according to your level by getting water and surf condition.

Huntington Beach 

Huntington Beach gained popularity throughout the years because of its perfect waves all year-round, starting from just three feet tall and working its way up to twelve feet. As one of the most consistent breaks in SoCal, it provides fun waves for everyone and hence known for one of the best surf spot in California.  Here is now also an opportunity to select the surf spot before hitting any beach by finding surf report on Live Huntington beach cam.

Venice Beach in Los Angeles 

People know Venice Beach the best surf spot in california for its smooth waves that are appropriate for beginning surfers. For a more informed experience, some simple research and planning ahead can change a chilly day into a stand-out session. Take the time to ask locals and look to see where others are surfing before jumping in. These locations are known for consistently generating better-than-average rides. On most days, this area gets fairly crowded by midday, so it’s best to arrive early in the morning for the ideal circumstances.

Newport Beach, The Wedge

Only experienced surfers dare ride waves at The Wedge, which is well known for its huge waves i.e about 18-20 feet high and unpredictable surf. When two separate waves combine, a wave larger than either emerges, resembling a wedge, and the wave formed is always unique, which makes the breaking point unpredictable.