Woman Holding Crying Boy In Target Goes Viral, Yet Mom has No Idea Who Was That Lady

Woman Holding Crying Boy In Middle Of The Target is Going Viral

All the hardworking and busy parents will relate to this story. Parents routine are changed according to the child’s behavior. It was an ordinary Monday, when Rebecca Paterson, a mother from Pearland, Texas with her 2 kids went to the store. She has two-year and 2-month old kids. Having 2 kids under the age of five is a tough task. She didn’t have to do much shopping, she thought she can take care of them as well. But she didn’t know this trip will be full of stress and chaos.

She went to the store and was picking up the items. Suddenly the two-month son began to cry, seeing him two-year-old also started and even harder. 

They were in meltdown down. She tries to stop them but she couldn’t. Moreover, she had no one to help her calm the kids. She imagines may be any fellow shopkeeper would help, but all of them were looking at her. She felt like being judged and was embarrassed. She decided to abandon the trip altogether and started putting things back on the shelf.

Just when a woman approached there and asked her if she needs any help. Rebecca agreed and she walked with her for 45 mins holding her 2-year old. She got all the essentials and was also holding the toddler at the same time. Later she posted the whole story on social media with the pictures of that lady holding her child. Sometimes a little kindness and understanding go with you a long way.