15 Essentials For Winter Surfing of Cold Water Surfing

15 essentials you will need in the water for surfing!

It’s that time of the year again! The water is cold and going out surfing requires much more planning than throwing on a pair of trunks and grabbing your favorite board. Don’t let the cold keep you out of the water! With the right equipment, you will enjoy fun waves and experience unique vibes all winter without having to deal with the summer crowd. I’ve done all the work for you and have picked 10 essentials you will need in the water, and 5 amazing items to better your pre and post surf winter adventures.

1- HOODED WETSUIT (4-6mm) - Hyperflex VYRL Hooded Fullsuit

A thick and comfortable wetsuit you can rely on is the most important piece of your cold water equipment. It will keep you warm, allowing you to stay in the water longer and enjoy more waves. Throw on the hooded Hyperflex Vyrl 5/4mm and go tuck yourself into some frosty barrels!

2- BOOTS (3-7mm) - Solite Custom Pro

We all treasure the barefoot feeling on our surfboard. Unfortunately, covering up your feet is a necessity this time of the year. Unlike other surf booties on the market, Solites are heat molded to your feet. This custom fit will protect you from the cold and make you forget you’re even wearing them!


With the frictionless socks on, it’ll take you less time to put on your wetsuit and your boots than it used to take you just for your wetsuit alone. Wetsox act as an added layer that provides extra warmth and makes it easier to put on your winter gear. Try Wetsox and you’ll never tackle cold water without them again!

4- EAR PLUGS - SEKI Surf Earplugs

Long exposure to cold water in your ears may cause your ear bones to grow and lead to a lot of pain that will keep you out of the water. This is known as Exostosis or Surfer’s Ear. Plus, the salty ocean water isn’t the cleanest, so ear infections are not uncommon. Keep the cold water out of your ears by wearing the SEKI earplugs every time you hit the water!

5- THICK CHANGING TOWEL - All-in Sport Beach Company Storm Poncho

What they say about the surf poncho is true. You don’t know how much you need one until you own one. Changing out of a wetsuit when the temperature outside is below freezing is by far the worst for cold-water surfers. That’s when some might regret taking on the challenge in the first place! With its windproof and waterproof outer shell fabric, your All-in Storm Poncho will be a lifesaver this winter when changing out of your wetsuit.

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