Reaction Of A Teacher To A Sleeping Student Gone Viral For All The Right Reasons

A teacher's message has gone viral after he let his student sleep in class while he was busy preparing lessons.

After all, they put an extraordinary amount of behind-the-scenes work in to make lessons as engaging, fulfilling and the opposite of sleep-inducing as possible. But when long-time English teacher Monte Syrie saw his pupil Meg nod off during class, he let her carry on dreaming. And no,not because he just couldn't be bothered with the demands of teaching anymore, but for a novel (and heartwarming) reason.

In a Twitter thread, he explained why he didn’t take it personally when his student Meg fell asleep — and why he didn’t wake her up.

Meg’s nap meant she missed an in-class essay, but she turned it in that night. “I didn’t beat her up about it. Didn’t have to,” he wrote. “In a different room, Meg may have been written up for sleeping in class and given a zero for missing and essay, but she wasn’t in a different room; she was in my room.”

People were inspired by his different, considerate approach - and shared their own stories.