15 People Who Inherited Something Very Special From Their Parents

There are some things we learn from our parents, some we earn, and some we inherit. You know what we mean. Talents, facial expressions, looks, and behaviors can all be passed down.

Side-by-side photos of parents and their children at the same age can reveal uncanny similarities in appearance. . Some people look like clones! But there are also subtle likenesses and traits that go beyond the physical.

This collection of photos shows some of those features shared between generations in families. Some are extremely interesting, educational, adorable, or downright silly. All of them are special in their own way!

1. Rapunzel Hair

2. Thumbs Up

3Sleeping Beauties

4 Rock n Rollers

5Are They the Same?

6 Daredevil Stuntmen

7Taste for Adventure

8 Same Sleeping Face

9Beautiful White Streaks

10 Love for Classic Autos

11Acting Genes

12 Runs Generations

13Skin Condition

14 Got It From His Daddy

15One of Each

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