People Are Losing It After Dad Finds Creative Way To “Prove” Daughter’s Shorts Are Too Short

A Florida man jokingly taught his daughter a lesson about her clothes in a viral video which saw him strut into her room wearing tight, skimpy shorts. Now that we’re finally on the run up to summer – although it doesn’t really feel like it in England – shorts are working their way back into people’s wardrobes to help combat the warm weather.

However, although Kendall Hilley’s cut off denim shorts would have been practical for keeping cool. .

Dads will be dads though, and rather than just making a bad pun or classic dad-joke, Jason went to the effort of finding his own pair of shorts to match his daughter’s. The father took to social media to share his ‘Parenting 101’ video, in which he was filmed walking into Kendall’s room with the majority of his legs on display. He wrote: You wear yours out in public? I will wear mine!

It’s unclear whether he’d found the cut-off shorts in the men’s section of the shop or whether he’d just gone a few sizes up in the same style as Kendall but either way he was rocking themNaturally the young girl was ho-rrified to see her dad mocking her look and she tried to refuse when he told her to put her own pair of ‘cutting’ shorts on but she eventually gave in after he th-reatened to pick her up from school in the skimpy attire.

Kendall posed next to her triumphant father, looking as embarrassed as could be expectedAlthough the American girl seemed to own a few pairs of short-shorts – evident in the fact she asked her dad exactly which ‘cutting’ shorts he was referring to – Jason had obviously reached his final straw after the latest purchase which were ‘supposed to be a lot longer’.

The father asked the woman behind the camera whose bottoms were shorter and she revealed they were actually tied with the amount of leg they were showing off

I’m not sure if Jason’s shocking tactic would have been enough to put his daughter off wearing the shorts altogether but I’m sure she’ll be stuck with the image of her dad posing in the skimpy denim every time she goes to put them on in future.


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