Paw-Sitivity Pal: 20 Hilarious Cat Tweets to Brighten Your Day

Our little fur ball friends might act cool as a cat when it comes to displays of affection for their humans, but we all know they have their moments that show a gooey centre under all that feline indifference.

Whether you are a cat person or a dog person, you can’t deny that these little fluffy divas get up to some hilarious shenanigans when they think we aren’t looking.

They never fail to cheer us up with their cute kitten eyes and their furry attention-seeking ways. . So turn your rough day into a fluff day with our list of the most hilarious cat tweets!

1. The Three Mouseketeers

These bad boys are certainly up to something! Look at that synchronization, they’re more in-tune with each other than the Swedish men’s synchronized swimming team… What hijinks have they got in store for their pesky humans?

2. Bathroom Reading

This guy’s daughter is so thoughtful! She writes a newspaper for her cat to read while it uses its litter trayBecause, you know, we all enjoy a spot of bathroom reading.

3. What are you looking at?

This cheeky fella can’t help cheering us up! I hope the wind doesn’t change, or he’ll get stuck like that…

4 Greedy Guts

These owners’ plight is highly relatableEspecially the part about the cat purloin food. Not that our cute little fluff ball has ever stolen anything tasty… And just look at the innocence in that face.

5. Fridge Frenzy

Oh boy Nothing is safe from this little monster! First step, turn the water on. Second step, work out how to crack the fridge wide open. Maybe this owner should get a lock on the fridge door?

6. Catman

This agile feline looks like the caped crusaderOr at least, his shadow totally looks like Gotham’s resident defender. And with those climbing skills, will this moggy be taking to the streets with awful vengeance?

7. Cat Yoga

Wait, is that a cat sitting like a human, or a human pretending to be a cat? A few quick stretches complete this cat’s daily yoga routine

8. Radioactive Cats

Do they have night-vision or just foodie vision? These cats have cracked open the cupboards and aren’t too concerned about making a speedy getawayAre they cats or aliens in disguise as our favourite fluff monsters?

9. Cat Walk

This stylish moggy is taking to the stage for London Fashion Week! He’s strutting his stuff and looking absolutely fabulous in these mules I wonder if he can walk in heels though?

10. Climber

How did the cat get stuck in the tree? Well… I don’t know why this guy is surprised by this cat’s curiosity, our feline friends are famously excellent climbers, although I doubt many moggies are usually provided with a ladder to help them out

11. Egg-tastic

Cats do tend to sit in the strangest places Still, you’ve got to keep those baby chicks warm. How else will the humans get adorable pictures of their cats with baby chicks for Instagram?

12. Selfie Time

Pout it sister! This clever creature discovered selfiesBut now she can’t work out where the other cat is hiding. You know, the one that looks just like her…

13. Fashionista

I’m not normally a fan of cats in fancy dress, but this handsome chap is rocking that denim jacket! Maybe he’ll make it into the next Peter Rabbit movie?

14 Witch, pur-lease

This cat looks like he’s ready for the in-flight check inQuestion is: if he’s the familiar, where’s the witch?

15. hide the Wrong Cat

Ooops! That’s not a good time to discover that your family cat has a doppelganger At least, Tom turned up to make the kids happy!

16. Art Class

Oh dearThe poor cat looks petrified at being used in this little kid’s art project. It’s amazing the cat stayed still long enough for her to draw around…

17. Cat Love

We’ve all been there Pestered by a marauding moggy only to have our affection turned down the moment we cave into their big kitten eyes…

18. Feed Me!

This cat’s stance is hilarious, like a slouching man with a beer-belly! And people think our cats are so pampered they are turning into demanding human-like divas!

19Nap Time

Ham the cat (what a great name) just wanted to be left in peace and quiet to enjoy his new bed We all know that feeling!

20. Hardware Store

This cutie has his own slot in the store roomMaybe his owners got fed up of finding screws all over the floor after the cat swiped them out of the way at nap time?


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