Man Parked His Car, Got Out, And Kicked A Stray Dog. It Came Back With Its Friends And Destroyed His Car – Video

An obviously angry stray tagged his fellow badass canine pack after being boot by a man. What’s their target? The man’s most prized trophy his car. Reports say that a Chinese in Chongqing, China punt a dog found lying on his reserved parking at home.

Obviously, dogs do not belong to this man’s circle of friends as he kicked it instead of luring it to stroll away.


Minutes later, a neighbor who was off to the same parking lot witnessed the stray with his fellow vigilantes ditching the man’s car and was able to take some evidences.


Despite these reports on animal mistreat, it is ironic that China still lack proper animal welfare acts. In fact, some isolated parts of Northern China even use dog fight as a mere source of entertainment.

The lucky neighbor gets to watch the baddass canines chomping on the car’s metal fenders These canines must have the best teeth that they even chewed on the vehicle’s windshield wipers before running away from the scene.

At least the man who kicked the stray won’t be clueless how his car got those dents. These canines are so clever, they even have a look out. haha!

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