Fans Are Calling For Gordon Ramsay To Play Angry Chef Louis In Live-Action ‘Little Mermaid’ – Video

‘A chef who loves food but has a fiery temper and destroys the kitchen when something is out of line.’ I could easily be talking about The Little Mermaid’s Chef Louis or Gordon Ramsay, so it’s easy to see why fans want the British chef to play the character.

Last week, Disney announced 19-year-old Halle Bailey had been cast to play Ariel in the live action remake of the animated film. .

And ever since fans have since been speculating about who else might join in to bring the much-loved characters to life

It’s been rumoured Melissa McCarthy will play the sea witch Ursula, and many people have been calling for Idris Elba to play King Triton – though he might have some competition as Terry Crews has expressed his desire to take on the role. .

While for the most part the cast remains a mystery, a lot of fans agree Ramsay is surely the only man for the job when it comes to Chef LouisIn the 1989 film, the hot-headed chef has a French accent and makes his love for cooking clear as he sings and dances his way around the kitchen, though things go awry when the lobster Sebastian escapes his cooking pot.

Though Ramsay isn’t French, his professional career in cooking certainly qualifies him for the role – plus he spent some time working in France when he was younger, so he might be able to imitate the accent! Of course, his habit of getting angry in the kitchen is just a coincidental bonus.

It’s unlikely the 52-year-old has ever had to chase an anxious lobster around his stove but he’s certainly thrown enough ingredients, plates and pans around in his time I have a feeling the role would fit like a glove.

One Twitter user pitched the idea at the weekend and a number of people have since expressed their support for the suggestion. Many tagged the Hell’s Kitchen star and encouraged him to audition.

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