Family Unhappy After Walmart Graduation Cake Turns Out To Be Styrofoam – Video

Hey Walmart, you might want to look into your bakery department. Turns out a family in Pasadena, Texas were shocked, after discovering a cake they got for a graduation party wasn’t vanilla or chocolate, rather actual Styrofoam! Yes, this poor family were left without cake, because some dumb dumb decided to leave out the display cake in the open and inside the fridge.

This is freaking hilarious.


Apparently, Nellie Flores and her sister, Marsy, ordered the graduation cake from Walmart last week. The two-tier cake was meant for Marsy’s daughter’s graduation party, but when they went to pick it up at Walmart they learned the cake hadn’t been made because they lost the order. So naturally, to avoid a huge yelling session, the manager told them to choose any cake from the ones that were ready to go so employees could decorate it then and there.

When the family went to cut the cake to give to the guests, they quickly discovered it was actually a display cake instead of a regular one

In an utter rage, both women went back to Walmart to complain, where they received a $60 gift card for the value of the cake and a free cake. What did Walmart have to say about this whole situation? Well, through a statement, the company said it was a “result of a misunderstanding” and they attempted to make things right with the customer by way of a gift card. Which I mean, they could have at least given them $100 instead of $60, but I guess.

This is so ridiculous. Can you imagine the utter disappointment they got when they went in to cut the cake? These people got a Styrofoam cake!!! God, I would have been so annoyed at this whole situation. But then I would have just brushed it off and go get another cake instead of calling my local news station to complain about something so stupid. But hey, that’s just me.

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