Cute Toddler And Her Daddy Share The Most Amazing Dance Video

All kids love to dance, but some seem to have been born with a natural talent that puts us all to shame. When mother of two Paola Teran of Buford, Georgia, walked into the family kitchen and spotted her daughter Emma standing on the counter, we can’t imagine that she was very happy.

Thankfully, Emma’s dad was there to spot her and make sure she didn’t fall. . In fact, he’s the reason she was on the counter in the first place! As pumping Salsa music plays in the background Emma and her dad began to dance, shaking their hips and grinning the entire time.

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Paola grabbed her cell phone and began recording the sweet father-daughter dance, later uploading it to Instagram where it went viral. Little Emma looks incredibly cute as she shakes her booty on the counter! She’s wearing an adorable pair of Minnie Mouse pajamas and looks so thrilled to be spending time with her dad.

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“I’m a #princess not because I have a prince, but because my father is a #king!” Paola wrote when she uploaded the video onlineThe video has already been viewed hundreds of thousands of times and shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

If you’re wondering why it’s so popular just take a look — this little girl has some serious moves and is as cute as a button!

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We love seeing a great dad playing with his kidsMusic is such a powerful and fun way to bond with children, and having nightly kitchen dance parties sounds like a pretty great way to grow up.

What a lucky girl — and lucky for us that we got to experience the Teran family dance-off this time.

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