A Man Forced His Wife To Choose Between Her Dogs And Him, And She Stayed With The Dogs

Remember the second season of ‘How I Met Your Mother’? Actually, specifically the part where Ted made Robin get rid of all her dogs. Why? Because he’s jealous of all the attention they are getting from her.

But unfortunately, Robin did let go of all her dogs for the sake of some whiny guy. . It’s been years and I still can’t believe she was really able to do that. Getting rid of pets is not easy and if someone will make you choose, chances are pets will always win.

Even though Ted got his way on the show, in real life when a husband tried that with his wife, it did not really go well as expected. 53-year-old Mike Haslam gave his wife Liz an ultimatum and it backfired spectacularly. He asked her to choose between him or her 30 rescue dogs and I think we’ve already established that people – who aren’t Robin – will always choose the dogs. Liz said, “My husband said it is me or the dogs. I haven’t seen or heard from him since.” That’s probably the most badass thing I’ve seen recently.

She continued, “I thought after 25 years, he should know giving up the dogs was not what my intentions wereHe just got to the point where he had enough and he wanted to slow down.

But I wasn’t prepared to give it all up. So, he decided to go, and obviously that was his choice.” She went on to explain, “If I hadn’t hide myself in it, I would have just been sitting at home twiddling my thumbs and that’s really not me. My passion for dogs was far too great. They are rescue dogs which cannot be re-homed. I have taken them in to look after them, I save dogs from all around the world that have been crack and badly wounded.”

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