3-Year-Old Girl Trapped In Hot Car For 12 Hours – The Moment A Cop Rescues Her Is Heartstopping – Video

In dramatic video released Thursday, a Florida sheriff’s deputy is seen moments after he rescued a 3-year-old girl trapped in a hot car. Seminole County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Bill Dunn noticed the child locked in the sweltering car on Father’s Day this year.

The newly released video shows Dunn running across a parking lot as he held the girl’s head. . “Sadly, I didn’t think that she was alive when I got to her,” Dunn said in a video released by the sheriff’s office.

“I felt for a pulse. I didn’t feel a pulse.” The child became responsive once Dunn the air conditioning with her in his patrol car. In the audio from officers footage, Dunn can be heard saying, “It’s OK, baby. Talk to me. You’re OK,” as he rushed her to the hospital.

“I remember one thing distinctively was my hand on her chest and feeling her heart racingIt was beating really, really, real fast,” Dunn said. The deputy’s body cam footage shows him resting on his patrol car after dropping the child off in the emergency room.

“My legs were a little weak,” he noted. “It’s a heck of a thing.”

The girl was released from the hospital after three days, when Dunn met the child whose life he saved“Sometimes we’re able to have a moment like this that makes it all worthwhile,” he said.

Sheriff’s office Public Information Officer Bob Kealing warned that hot car incidents usually occur when a parent’s routine is disrupted There have already been 35 child hot car deaths in 2018, according to NoHeatStroke.org, a project by Jan Null at San Jose State University’s Department of Meteorology and Climate Science.

In 2017, there were 43 child hot car deaths, per Null’s count, and an average of 37 have passed away each year since 1998. A study published in May found that a car can become a lethal oven in just an hour when parked in the sun. Interior temperature can reach 116 degrees and the dashboard can exceed 165 degrees in about one hour.

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