12 Signs You have Met Someone From Your Soul Group

The revered Gautama Buddha, also known as Anguttara Nikaya, once wisely mused, “If wanderers who are members of other sects should ask you, ‘What, friend, are the prerequisites for the development of the wings to self-awakening?’ you should answer, ‘There is the case where a monk has admirable friends, admirable companions, admirable comrades.

This is the first prerequisite for the development of the wings to self-awakening.’”


Human beings who you connect with through your heart and soul are members of your “Soul Family” or “Soul Group.” Your soul energetically resonates on a mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual level at all times, so soul connections transcend time and space itself.

People who share the same frequency or vibration have a bond with you which is far more significant than those based on similar characteristics, hobbies, and perspectives. This is an intense magnetic and spiritual bond that cannot be clearly articulated in either written or spoken words. Even though soul connections are incredibly energetic, they do not need to be romantic at all: soul friends, soulmates, kindred spirits, and twin flames are all unique. Philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre once wrote that, “Hell is other people,” which is important to note because meeting a soul connection can be a negative experience if they are going through a substantially negative portion of their life.

Synchronicity naturally brings soul connections together, but you should still focus your awareness and intuition to ensure that you don’t miss oneFocus on your heart as well, and allow your intuition to reveal new people and opportunities.

Please read the list below for more specific things that could reveal a member of your Soul Group to you.

1: Magnetic eye contact.

Eye contact will be natural and irresistible. It will never feel awkward, but it will be comforting, familiar, and seemingly historic.

2: Soul-centricity over ego-centricity.

Fame, status, money, and glory will not be subjects or topics which involve soul connections. Rather, conscious living, meditation, healthy eating, yoga, and environmental rights could be causes that draw soul connections together.

3: Constant attraction.

Soul connections will be naturally drawn toward each other, and it will be impossible to stop this attraction even if it becomes a distractionThe best thing to do is give in to the pull, and then both individuals can harness and channel their focus productively.

4: Synchronous minds.

You’ll be bale to look into each other’s eyes and know when you’re thinking precisely the same thing at exactly the same time.

Additionally, you will often begin talking at the same time and saying the same things at the same times.

5: Inherent familiarity.

This is the feeling you get when you just meet someone and it seems like you’ve known them your entire life. However, this reason alone is not enough to make someone a member of your Soul Family.

6: Energy generators.

Two members of the same Soul Tribe will energize each other when they are near and connected. This defies the law of physics, but it is true nonetheless.

7: Fateful encounters.

Oftentimes you’ll meet a member of your Soul Group exactly when you need them—or precisely when they need you.

8: Missing time.

Time will seem to fly and melt away, but it will be worth it because every second will be electrifying and enlightening.

9: Soul mirrors.

Two members of the same Soul Family will be able to see and comprehend themselves better by observing and interacting with the other person.

10: Reflected lives.

Two members of the same Soul Family will also have similar lives in many aspects, and this will enable each person to learn from the other, to grow from the other, and to live more harmoniously as a result of this.

11: Soul nourishment.

Devoting time and energy to interacting with a member of your Soul Family will be as beneficial as eating healthy and staying physically fit.

12: Genuine authenticity.

Members of the same Soul Tribe can and should be 100% themselves around each other—and it is 100% natural for them to do so whenever they’re in each other’s presence.

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